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Individuals do not take the time to enjoy themselves, why not today.  Today…Enjoy, Yourself!, is a marketing firm based in San Antonio, Texas.  We are an affiliate of "South Texas Alternative Choice, LLC.(STAC)".  

We focus on video interviews and we are prepared and excited to illuminate your business.  Today...Enjoy, Yourself!, provides a platform; which will allow you the opportunity to showcase his or her interest.    

We will increase the awareness of individuals who are living longer, happier lives.  Keeping our older adult engaged is key to their healthier living.  We will provide alternative referrals, for older adult living. 


Today...Enjoy, Yourself!, will provide artist a YouTube channel to display his or her talents.  Most people do not have the time to produce a video to meet his or her needs.  We will develop your video interview; which will illuminate your business or personal interest.

We will discover the inside scoop about nutritional items.  We will provide information on recreational activities.  We will conduct "how to" videos, explore the world of fashion, and seek employment opportunities.  Additionally, we will facilitate and guide individuals through some health care issues.  




You Create it, We Illuminate, it.  

"Illuminate your Interest with an Interview"

Today...Enjoy, Yourself! is an affiliate of South Texas Alternative Choice, LLC.

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email:  todayenjoyyourself@gmail.com - call 210-904-5606.

Today...Enjoy, Yourself!, will capture special events for your continuos viewing pleasure.  We are prepared to video weddings, birthday parties, how to videos, and we will increase the awareness of your upcoming event.  It may be for your business, church, school, family, etc. 

We have given closure, as well as celebrated the life of his or her loved one (click here to see the celebration of life for Charlie Davis, Jr).  Relive a commencement ceremony, sporting event, or a grand opening.  We are able to assist families in reliving a vacation or even a family reunion.

Read our story, take a peek at our interview tab, and send any comments.  We will funnel your interest to the appropriate forum. You create your business and we will illuminate your business.  You Create, We Illuminate...Illuminate your interest with an Interview.

So, Today...Enjoy, Yourself!

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​You Create, We Illuminate, Today...Enjoy, Yourself!

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